Happy New Year Everyone! So one of my resolutions goals for the new year is to blog more often. I used to blog on Tumblr all the time when I graduated from college and last year I could count the amount of times I posted on my hand. Now that I have this lovely new website, I think it would be best to start blogging again. I’m not quite sure what I’ll be blogging about for certain but I was thinking maybe some favourites posts every month or book/tv show/movie reviews. Probably some more photographs. I’ll be travelling to Germany in April so that’s something exciting to look forward to. Please let me know what you’re all in interested in!

In shop news, my Weasley Sweater pins are now up in the shop and on Etsy. And I am so happy with them! It actually took me about a month of doodling and drawing to decide on the sweater shape. I’m actually really proud of myself because I haven’t drawn since middle school and I’m so glad I’ve picked it back up again. Definitely need lots of practice and I don’t really have a set drawing style yet but I suppose that’ll come with time. Also, if you would like individual Harry or Ron sweaters, instead of the set of 2, please check out the Etsy page!

One more shop announcement! After some inquiries and a lot of great feedback on the first design, I am definitely going to do another run of Hell Here pins in the spring! They will be a variant on the original design so it’ll have some slight adjustments and a little extra something that I haven’t decided on just yet. But I have a few ideas already so stay tuned! I really am so grateful for all the love and support I’ve received these past several months. I’m just getting started and really have no idea what I’m doing but I’m going to keep doing it and hope that I end up with something great. Something that’ll bring a little bit of happiness to every one of you lovely humans that show me love and support every day<3

Here’s to a great start to the year and lots of luck in the coming months!