Happy 2017

Happy New Year Everyone! So one of my resolutions goals for the new year is to blog more often. I used to blog on Tumblr all the time when I graduated from college and last year I could count the amount of times I posted on my hand. Now that I have this lovely new website, I think it would be best to start blogging again. I’m not quite sure.. Read More

Happy Christmas!

Just thought I would stop and wish everyone a happy christmas. I have definitely gotten into the spirit of things with my newest pins. In case you don’t know me IRL, you probably don’t know that I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan. #potterhead And every holiday season, I always marathon the Harry Potter movies. I would love to be able to spend some time at Hogwarts, especially during the.. Read More

Halloween 2016

Pretty bummed that Halloween has come and gone. October went by so quickly! Even more so, I think, because we were busy packing and moving into our house. Fortunately, we were able to settle in enough to host our very first house party on Halloween. It was a lot of work and kinda stressful but definitely worth it! We had so much fun and I got to see so many.. Read More

Hello, Sidney

It’s probably my favorite time of the year. It’s autumn, I can finally wear sweaters and boots, and Halloween is just around the corner. So my very first Halloween pin HAD to be a Scream pin. I mean, come on, it’s  a classic. And also the first scary movie I actually liked. Of course I love ALL of the movies in the series, now including the new MTV series, but.. Read More

Central Park, N.Y.C.

I’ve lived about an hour away from NYC all my life and I never actually visited until I was in college (unless you count one school trip to the United Nations in middle school). But I’ve found that that it is actually fairly common for people who live near or in a large city. So I’ve been doing my best to ratify that and actually make an effort to explore.. Read More

A Good Spy Never Gets Caught

My third pin is dedicated to my 4th grade role model, Harriet. Yes, she was a great spy but an even better writer. And I so desperately wanted to be a writer one day. I was also a bit obsessed with the movie. I went so far as to recreate her spy journal and copy lines word for word into it. I would like to note that I did this.. Read More

Orlando, F.L.

I’ve just returned from my very first trip with my best friend ANYWHERE. And it was extra special since it was to Disney World AND it was her very first time there! Her wedding is on Saturday so it was sort of a bachelorette gift from me to her. We had tons of fun, although I think I killed her muscles with all the walking and standing, lol. For my.. Read More

Hell on Wheels

My second pin is a tribute to one of my favorite musical movies . I guess Michelle Pfeiffer was the lady to be in my early years. Catwoman and Stephanie Zinone. I was obsessed with both characters. Both strong bad-ass ladies that I wanted to emulate. Stephanie, however, had the better dance moves and I spent hours dancing and rewinding my VCR tape to get all the moves down perfectly… Read More

The Highline, Chelsea, N.Y.C.

This week I was given a random Wednesday off so I decided to head into NYC for the day with my good friend, Vanessa. It’s only a 55 min train ride to NYC so I really don’t have an excuse for not going more often. And this day trip has definitely made me realize that I should really try harder to visit. It was our first time at the High.. Read More

Asbury Park, N.J.

My day job has been stressing me out as of late so a calm day with my parents at the beach is exactly what I needed. As a child, I spent most Fourth of July weekends down the shore with my family. It’s a tradition that I’ve always cherished. I haven’t had a proper beach weekend in years and after yesterday’s beach trip, I desperately want to return. Sometimes all.. Read More